Ever since I got my hands on my first CD in elementary school (it was Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood, if you're curious), music has been something near and dear to me. As much as I wanted to be a creator of music, I wasn't gifted with the talents to do so. I tried trumpet, snare drum, trap set, a bit of guitar, and even choir, but I was not able to ever excel at any of them. It didn't deter my love of music, however, and ever since I started college I've channeled that love of music into writing about it whenever I have the chance. Of course, it helps that I'm the editor for Decoy Music and have an extraordinary exposure to new music and access to bands, but even if I didn't have that outlet, I'd still be writing about music as much as I could.

If you're interested in the music posts I've published throughout the years of writing this blog, which are most often in the form of music reviews and concert recaps, click the shelf of CDs below. It'll throw you into the world of all of my music-oriented writings.