My Life

Even though the archives for this blog only go back to 2002, I started my blog in 2000 as a way for my family and friends to keep up with what I was doing while at college at St. John's University in St. Cloud, Minnesota. It was actually quite lively in the early years with a message board, animated discussions, bad animated .gifs, and more typed out nonsense than I like to remember. Those early years, though, set the tone for my blog--it was all about me.

It sounds a bit narcissistic, I know, but my blog truly has been an outlet for me to talk about what I care about, no matter what the topic. Throughout the life of this blog, it has also continued to be about my life and my experiences. Those ramblings may only be meaningful to me, but others may also enjoy getting a voyeuristic glance into my life from time to time. If that's your thing, or if you're a friend or family member looking to catch up on what I've been up to, then this is the section for you. If you click on the photo to the right, one of a very young me holding a frothy beverage of my parents' choice, you'll be taken to all of the posts that are about me and my life.