Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Easy Money

How could I possibly top a day at the Warped Tour? Well, I couldn’t really, but on Monday I did make some mad cash for doing improv. Charlie, Pat, Ben, Gabe, and I all went to do a performance in St. James (which is west of Mankato) for some business meeting. It was quite a hike for us as it took about two hours to get there from Rochester. When we got there we noticed that the crowd was mostly over 50 and it was a pretty small crowd. This show would be a little different than our normal shows for two reasons, because the crowd was so old and because there was only five of us instead of nine. We thought we’d be able to pull it off fine (and we did).

Before the show, they gave us the $500 they promised in cash and fed us a free pork chop supper. Not bad. They then had a short business meeting and we were up. We pulled off a great show, in my mind, even though the crowd didn’t participate very much. I was the host of the show along with playing in it. I had a hard time getting suggestions from the audience and only a few people actually would give suggestions so I rarely had more than a suggestion or two to work with for inspiration for our games. The guys still managed to pull it all of very, very well. Some of our jokes did go way over the heads of the people in the audience, but for the most part I think they enjoyed it. We only had to put on a 45 minute show instead of our regular 2 hours so we were all high energy the whole time through. I had a fun time.

The ride back seemed to take forever to me, but probably only because I was still pretty tired from Warped Tour the day before. I finally got home at like about 2 am so I was pretty sleepy. I didn’t even make it to my room, I just crashed on the couch as soon as I walked in the door and set my palm pilot’s alarm to get me up. $100 for a 45 minute show sure made me sleep easy that night.

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