Wednesday, January 15, 2003

My Christmas Break Part III

Well, we’ve covered my sickness and the loot I got for Christmas, so now let’s move onto some of the things I did over break (both while I was sick and while I was well). I spent a lot of time with my family over break, a lot of it due to me being sick and not being able to leave home…….and because I love them and stuff :-) We went as a family to see both Star Trek: Nemesis and The Two Towers. My family is a big Star Trek family (yes, we are a family completely made up of dorks, but we’re still cool) so we had been looking forward to Nemesis for a while. Before we went to The Two Towers we had to watch Fellowship of the Ring with my mom because she hadn’t seen it yet. She didn’t exactly understand a lot of what was going on and she was kind of not happy that The Two Towers didn’t present an ending to the story, but I think she did enjoy it.

Our family also attended a lot of church together over break as we usually do during the holiday season. Little Ryan was in his last Christmas program at our little church and it was fun to watch an entire service put on by the Sunday School—they’re all so cute……well, at least most of them are, some are just a pain according to my mother, though. On Christmas Day our pastor asked me to read the lessons, which was very nice of him because I’d been wanting to do some more participation in our services. Usually only the elders can read the lessons, but they ok’d it for me to read anytime I am requested to.

Speaking of being in front of people, Strike Team Improv had a couple of shows over break. It was so good to get back together with all the members, practice, hang out, and perform. We put on two shows that were sponsored by the Tri-County Youth Commission, so it was nice to not have to worry about doing our own ticket-taking and concession selling for once. Both shows went off flawlessly. Our first show was sold out in about 5 minutes of the doors opening. We had people waiting outside half an hour before doors opened. It’s nice to know we are still known well enough by everyone even after such a long time off. Our second performance was in a neighboring town, Stewartville, so we were out of our local Rochester element and we had less of our loyal followers there and more new people from the Stewartville community. It was good and bad at the same time because we were getting new viewers yet the crowd seemed somewhat foreign to us. Anyhow, both shows were a lot of fun and I really hope I can secure a job in Rochester for the summer so I can perform again.

I also made a trip to the cities over break for a few days. I had to take my mom up to a photography seminar. She does it every year to keep up with all that’s new in the professional photography circles and for the last few years I’ve taken her up and stayed with her. This time, however, I was wonderfully sick so I didn’t get to go visit anyone in the cities that I knew as I would have liked to. One day, however, I was lucky enough to have Kristin and her sister Becky come down to visit me. We spent the day at the Mall of America shopping, mostly for them. It was a really fun time even though I was in the recovery period of my sickness at that time.

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