Sunday, February 16, 2003

Post Valentine's Day Rundown

Valentine’s Day has now come and gone. I bet you’re wondering how it was, huh? You think I should just give in and tell you everything about such a special day? You sure are expecting a lot……but, ok, I’ll let you in on it, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, cool? Sweet. Oh, and before you read on, I'll be gone at a job fair in Minneapolis until Wednesday night so there won't be any updates until then. Sorry :-(

Well, Kristin and I really didn’t have anything big planned for V-day; we just wanted to hang out with each other and have a fun time so we just went with the flow instead of working on a huge plan. We started off by hanging out at her place for a bit after classes just watching the Simpsons. That’s definitely one thing we can both enjoy together. During the Simpsons, I broke out a couple little gifts I had gotten for her. I didn’t really know what to do for V-day and I didn’t want to buy into the whole Hallmark/Hershey’s thing so I did something a little different. I put together three albums of piano music by Tori Amos for Kristin to play since she loves piano. I thought she might like a little new music to try out. I also made some compilation cds of all the songs in the books so she could listen to them too. I also got her two picture frames. The first was a collage frame with some pictures of us in it and the second was my picture in a dog frame (inside joke). Kristin really made my day, however, with the couple of things she got for me. First, she made a mobile of kissing origami fish which is just cute as a button. I am always amazed by origami since I could never do it well…or at all for that matter. She also got me Mallrats on dvd to complete my Kevin Smith collection. That was so awesome—anyone who gives a Kevin Smith movie as a gift on a romantic holiday is just plain sweet!

We then went to eat at the caf at St. Ben’s. They were having steak and shrimp for V-day so we definitely wanted to take advantage of that. It was pretty good for being cafeteria style food. I think I ate way too much because I had a huge pouch sticking out of my stomach……well, more-so than usual. After eating we took a little trip into St. Cloud for a piano and cello recital. The music was spectacular and it reawakened my love of classical music. We both truly enjoyed ourselves.

For the rest of the night we came back to my place and hung out with Andy, Amanda, Karl, and his friend Jeff. We watched some tv and lounged around before heading back to her place for the night. Jeff was going to be staying in my bed for the weekend so I just stayed over at Kristin’s so that I didn’t have to sleep on the couch. All in all, it was a nice V-day and I had a really fun time. Well, there you go, my Valentine’s Day in four paragraphs! I hope all of you had just as fun of a day.

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