Friday, May 09, 2003

A History Making Night for the Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild have made the history books in only their first appearance to the playoffs. This is quite an accomplishment in my book. We now hold the distinction of being the only team to come back from being down 3 games to 1 and winning the series 4 games to 3 twice. More often than not, when a team gets down 3-1 they tend to roll over and die because winning 3 games in a row somehow seems insurmountable. I give a lot of credit to our young team for having the composure to come back and prove that if you have the heart to do something, and you really believe you want it, you can do it. Now we have to turn our eyes towards their series against the Devil’s team….err…..I mean, Disney’s team—The Mighty Ducks. As sweet as it would be for the Wild to come back from another 3-1 deficit, I would rather see them send the Ducks home in 4 or 5 games so that I don’t get so nerve-wracked watching the games.

Most of yesterday was spent packing up all of my junk so that it is ready to go when my parents get here this weekend. I’ve managed to fill four big Rubbermaid tubs with my stuff and surprisingly, that is most of my junk (barring clothes and electronics). I’m not going to be taking down my computer, stereo, or Xbox until the last moment possible (probably Monday morning). Those three things have become essential since I have finished up my finals and it’s been raining outside. I’ve got to have something to do besides sit in my bed and read, even though I usually don’t have a problem just doing that.

I also finished my final morality paper, which focused mostly on Kant’s deontology and feminist/care ethics. If you are curious about it and would like to read it, just let me know and I’ll post it. I had wanted to get this paper done last weekend, but I just couldn’t keep focus on what I was writing and whenever I’d sit down to work on it everything I wrote was meandering and pointless. I guess I was in a writing slump, which happens occasionally (and is usually the reason a day will go by without a new thought). It’s actually a little weird not having some assignment or paper hanging over my head. I’m not used to this lack of pressure. I suppose it’ll pick back up in a week when I start working at Kingland again. I’m interested to see what I’m actually going to be doing this year.

I have been doing some web work for them from school for the last month or so (nothing substantial, however) and I think I will continue on doing most of their web maintenance and authoring along with learning how to write active server pages and work with SQL. I’m interested in doing that, but I am more so interested in the writing tasks that I might possibly be doing. My boss alluded to me doing some technical writing this summer for him. This would be perfect for me as I don’t mind writing at all—I actually have learned to really like it from all of my philosophy work and the countless pages of text I’ve typed in for my daily thoughts.

I often wonder how long I will keep this site going and how long I will keep writing. I haven’t tired of doing it yet, although I often question why I do it because I’m not even sure if many people read it. I figured that if a good amount of people actually read then I’d have more posts on the message board, but most of what’s been posted there is from me and a close group of friends. Maybe everyone that comes here is shy, but what does that say about my writing if I attract all of the shy readers? Hmm……I really do wonder what that would say about the content of this site. I guess that’s why I’m a nerd & philosopher and not a psychologist.

Well, I’m going to try and find some stuff to do here at work for the next hour and a half since I don’t have any homework to do and that’s what I usually end up doing while I’m here every morning. I’ll probably whip out a book to read for a while. Oh yeah, just in case you care, I’ve finally finished The Speluncean Explorers by Peter Suber and I’m now in the middle of The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe. I’ll let you know if it’s any good when I finish it.

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