Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Follow Through

It’s such an annoyance when people simply don’t follow through on what they say they are going to do. If someone tells you they are going to do something, then why don’t they do it? I know I try my hardest to remember to do things, but I obviously forget sometimes, mostly the little things. Still, for the most part people should remember what they said they’d do, right? You’d think so, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

One of my good friends has been working in Alaska for most of the summer, but he just got back on Monday. He gave me a call because he wanted to get together and hang out, which sounded great to me. We decided Tuesday he was going to have some people over to fry a few fish. That sounded like fun to me. Since he lives like 10 minutes or so away and is always all over the place during the day, I told him to give me a call Tuesday night when he got in and people were going to be over so I didn’t show up and no one was there or after everyone had left.

I went to bed Tuesday night at a little after midnight with no call. I had thought about just going over there or giving him a call, but thought I’d wait on him while I packed. Anyhow, I had lost track of time and by the time I got around to getting to the phone it was 10 pm. Hmmm…why no call? I wish I could tell you, but I have no idea. Now I probably won’t get to see him until I get back from vacation since I have errands to run here in Rochester after work and tomorrow I leave for St. Cloud right after I’m done with work. It really frustrates me when things don’t go as planned or people don’t follow through. Anyways, now that I’ve got all that vented out, I can continue on normally.

So I think I’ve found one heck of a fun game to play. It’s called Heroclix and my brother, Ryan, and I have been playing it for the last couple of weeks. He’s managed to win 2 games and I’ve taken away 1. It’s a game where you get to play as superheroes from your favorite comic books and take on other superheroes. Think of it as the Magic: the Gathering card game mixed with Warhammer 40,000 figures. I think I’ve dropped a few too many dollars getting a lot of the characters I like from both the DC and Marvel comic universes. The only figures that I really want and don’t have yet are Superman and Batman. If anyone thinks they’d like to play it up at college, let me know and I’ll bring it up.

It’s kind of weird thinking that I’ll be moving back to college in about a month’s time. It seems like I’m just getting settled back into living at home. It’s also weird thinking that I’ll only be living at college for like four months and then I’ll be moving back home again. Since I’m not going to be up at SJU for all that long, I don’t plan on taking too much with me. I think I can get by for the semester with just my computer, some clothes, and my school stuff. I can’t really think of any reason to bring up much else. I think I’ll still bring some kitchen stuff and just leave it there all year. I’ll no doubt be up to visit everyone on campus more than a few times in the second half of the year. I can’t imagine myself actually wanting to stay down here in Roch on the weekends because there really isn’t anything to do here.

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