Tuesday, November 18, 2003

You've Got to Have Heart

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but our indoor intramural frisbee season has started. Our team this year is a conglomeration of two teams from last year—our Rogue Squad, and a friend’s team, Dump with a Smile. Fittingly enough, we named our team the Dump Squad. It was too bad that the Rogue Squad didn’t want to get back together, but when I tried to round everyone up for the team I found out that most of our team had divvied up onto other teams and that most of our team formed up with Dump. I actually am enjoying this season so far and I like our players this year.

So far we’re three games into the season and we’re 1-2. The upside to having a losing record is that we’ve still won more games than we did last season! Last night’s game we lost 11-9 to probably the best team in the league. In my mind, we could have won the game, but one person on our team got burnt for about 5 of the other team’s points. It seemed like he just constantly gave up on defense and didn’t care. Often he’d just stop running if it looked like his guy was going to get the disc and he didn’t think he could get to it.

This lack of heart and effort has always been the one and only thing that I hate about playing sports with people. I always want to win as well, of course, but even if a team I play on loses, as long as everyone has given it their best effort I’ll be happy. When someone just doesn’t care, is lazy, or doesn’t have their heart in the game, I become very disappointed. Such was the case last night. If you’re not going to try you shouldn’t be out there playing, yet he continued to stay out there, trying to play defense extremely half-assed. I try not to blame things specifically on people, but last night is the exception and I know we would have won if he would have tried. Ok, I’m done.

Work here at the prep school has become even more retarded as of late. I’ve been told that I need to crack down more on the students who are playing games while I’m at work. I would have no trouble doing that, except I can’t. My desk is at the front of the room facing towards the backsides of all of the monitors so it is impossible for me to see what they are doing from where I sit. The library, and whoever is in there, has the view of the monitor screens. Often the study hall teacher in the library will come in and tell certain kids to stop playing games. I’ve been told that it is my fault that they’re getting away with playing games. I wholeheartedly disagree and I told them why I thought so.

When I’m at my desk, I can’t see their monitors. When I get up to walk around the room, they see me get up and simply minimize the games until I sit back down. They then resume their game playing. The only way they are caught is when someone glances through the library window and comes in to get them. I can’t really do anything the way that the room is set up. I have also expressed that and they didn’t really care. Right now it’s to the point where I really don’t care anymore since I’m only here for another month and then they’ll have no one in here in the morning. They’ve had the job posted as open for the last month or so and no one wants it because of the hours. I can’t really blame them all since I hate getting up early every morning. This job is definitely something I will not miss about college when I finally leave at the end of December.

Speaking of December, I’ve managed to finish a good portion of my Christmas shopping already. I always try to get almost all of my shopping done before thanksgiving because after that holiday, every store is packed all of the time increasing in people density exponentially as the 25th of December approaches. In doing my Christmas shopping I managed to find a couple of bargain gems for myself.

Our local Media Play, who usually has every CD, DVD, and video game overpriced by an average of $5-$10, had a clearance sale on some of their Xbox and Playstation 2 games. I thought it would mostly be crap that they were getting rid of, but I did find a could of good games—Panzer Dragoon Orta and Dynasty Warriors 3. I’ve been playing Orta the last few days and I am amazed at how beautiful it is. The cut scenes are as good as many Final Fantasy cut scenes and the story, although a little abstruse, is interesting. The gameplay is pretty much an advanced rail shooter, but even though it is pretty simple, it is so much fun. It really reminds me of some of the games I played when I was younger back on Super Nintendo and Sega Saturn except with unbelievable graphics.

They have a few other good games that I think I’m going to go back for today on my trip into St. Cloud to get the new extended version of The Two Towers that comes out today. The couple of other games will make nice Christmas presents. You can’t really complain about getting good, new Xbox games for only $10 each. Who knows, maybe they went into their stock room and found some more games they needed to clear out. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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