Thursday, February 26, 2004

I'm Not THAT Boring

I am somewhat at a loss for what to write about today as it’s been pointed out to me that lately my posts have been “too boring.” I’ve at times thought that my ramblings can get boring, but lately I did not think this was the case. My definition of boredom, or what I think is boring, might differ from what everyone else thinks, however, so I could very well be wrong when I think that my posts are interesting. So right now, when it comes time for me to try to think of something interesting, I am at a complete loss for anything to write. I don’t want to just write something random that might bore someone and turn them off from reading this site in the future, yet I also don’t want to create something that is completely contrived for the sake of trying to keep a reading audience coming back. Quite the conundrum, isn’t it?

For the sake of trying to be interesting, I’ve decided that today it’s time to revisit Rick and his adjustment to the real world. So how is it going? Well, I’d say blech, but MS Word gives me the red underline of death denoting it thinks it’s not really a word, so I won’t use that. How about meh? Nope, don’t like that either, do you Word? Umm…maybe blah? Whew, Word’s going to let me get away with that one. So there you are, I’m blah. What, that’s not very descriptive? Too bad I don’t really care.

Ok, so that last sentence came off a little bitter. Well, that’s because it was. I seem to be a little grumpier lately, but for reasons unknown to me. I’m not really grumpier towards people more than I usually am, but in general I’m just a little more not happy. Thinking about it here at work, I’ve concocted a few hypotheses as to why I might be that way. I dare you to use the scientific method to prove these!

Hypothesis one: I miss the college atmosphere. This is a definite possibility. As much as I enjoy living at home, there isn’t nearly as much to do at home as there was at SJU or CSB. If I wanted to find something to do, on any given night I could probably find something to do or get some people together to do something. Now, I only have available to me what I have at our house and my social circle consists of me and Ryan. Classes were also much more enjoyable then work. Sure, classes were often a lot of work, but in comparison I felt much more fulfilled when I was in class and doing homework than I do at work typing out thousands of words a day in a program manual.

Hypothesis two, a corollary to hypothesis one: I miss having friends around. I’m not knocking my family here—they’re fun people to hang out with, but not being able to get together with a bunch of people to watch a movie, or play volleyball, or go to a play, or go out to eat, or whatever else you can think of is somewhat personally taxing for me. All of you that do have close and constant contact with your friends, know that you’re in a wonderful environment. It’s something I am very jealous of. The varied contact of different people is starting to be one of the main things I miss.

Hypothesis three: I’m just a bitter, old bastard masquerading as a 22 year old, normal guy. This hypothesis seemed to be the most viable at first, but then I came to realize I’m not really that old.

Hypothesis four: I lead too much of a geek lifestyle. Yes, I am a geek, nerd, dork, or whatever derogatory term you’d like to refer to me as. I delight in watching anime (Hellsing at the moment). One of my favorite pastimes is reading comics (Dr. Fate right now). I play video games daily with my brother (D&D: Heroes). I read classic literature and philosophy for fun (I’m halfway through Stoker’s Dracula). By these habits combined, I am Captain Nerd. Since I lead this lifestyle, the constant misconceptions about this type of life being superimposed on me could have, over time, led me to revile my own image. I kind of doubt this, but it is a possibility.

So, which hypothesis is it? I’m not sure, and frankly, after enumerating those, I don’t care anymore. I’ll stick to just telling you that I’m stuck in blah mode right now. I’ll let you know when I get out of it. Until then, my posts might be boring, but that’s the way it’s going to be.

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