Thursday, February 19, 2004

A Nice February Run

I always feel like such an old man when I decide to talk about the weather, but again I find myself typing away about it. Usually I only try to write about it when it’s out and out weird or at some extreme, and today is really no different.

Yesterday it was a little over 40 degrees out! For anyone not from the midwest, this would seem ass-cold, but for us up here in the Minnesotan outback it was rather balmy. Heck, I even decided that it was good enough for a run outdoors. I definitely needed a chance of pace from running on the treadmill. Sure, it’s a good source of exercise for me during the winter, but it just can’t compare to the wonderful outdoors. Besides, looking at the same wall every other day gets real old real fast and considering there isn’t anything but reality shows on tv anymore, I rarely turn on the tv while I’m running. I will usually listen to cds, but that still doesn’t help alleviate the sheer boredom for my eyes.

The run outside was pretty good. By the time I had gotten home it wasn’t quite 40 anymore, but it was still warm enough for a run, so I suited up in some semi-warm clothes and took off. About halfway into my 2.5 mile run, I really started to regret my stupidity for not wearing gloves. I always run the first part of my run into the wind so I have it easier coming back, and as anyone knows wind combined with cold temps makes it even colder. My hands were pretty freezing so I turned around and cut my run somewhat short. It was definitely wonderful to be able to spend even a little bit of time outdoors instead of being either in the Kingland office building, my car, or the house.

Of course, since I live in Minnesota and all, today it’s raining and by evening it should be snowing. Tomorrow more snow/rain. Wonderful. I wanted to get up to St. Cloud this weekend to visit Kristin, but if the weather isn’t going to cooperate, I’m not going to try to fight it. It was only a couple of weekends ago where I was stuck coming home in a huge snowstorm. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of driving for twice as long as it would usually take me in horrible weather conditions. If only I knew how to fly and/or teleport. Stupid laws of physics. They should be more like guidelines instead of laws. Then life would be way more interesting.

Now a quick update on the whole Dynamic Forces situation. After sending emails to the head of their company threatening legal action, I finally got someone to call me. Apparently they’ve been swamped with orders and everyone has been out in the warehouse packaging orders so that’s why no one could answer the phone. I was told that all of the orders, sans on book, would ship today so I should have them by next week. If not, they’ll be getting even more angry emails/phone calls from me. I’ve been assured that they’re shipping, but I’ll only believe it once I see the items in my hands. This has easily been the worst experience with a retailer ever and I will never buy from them again……unless they’ll allow me to kick each worker in the face personally with every order. I might think about it then.

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