Friday, April 16, 2004

My Poor Gizmo

Two days ago in the afternoon, our poor doggy, Gizmo, was the victim of a vicious attack by the wheel of an auger being hauled into our yard. I was in the house eating supper with Ryan when the incident occurred. We heard a yelp, but when we looked outside we didn't see anything and figured it was probably just the animals fighting with each other like they often do. Little did we know Gizmo had actually been ran over and had run off.

The guy that ran him over simply went about his business at our house. He unloaded his auger and tried to set it up and then as he was on his way out he decided to tell us that he had ran over Gizmo. Couldn't he have told us right away after he did it? After he told us, Ryan, my mom, and myself all went looking around the farm to see where he was and if he was all right. I kept imagining him all broken up or spewing out blood from internal bleeding. I couldn't imaging getting run over as being a fun experience so, naturally, I think my train of thought ventured into a somewhat morbid direction.

We spent around an hour searching every piece of our property as well as looking in all the sheds, across the road, in the fields, and anywhere else we could think of. We didn't find him, though. Ryan took the four wheeler over to the neighbor's house and told them to keep an eye out for him. After we had given up looking for him for the night, our neighbors called saying they thought they saw our dog out in the field next to their place.

Wanting to see if it was him, I took the four wheeler over to the area where he was supposed to be and sure enough, he was out there in the field, about a half a mile away from our house (and he ran there injured too). When he saw the four wheeler he started running further away, most likely because he was afraid of the vehicle. I got off and walked over towards him and as soon as he saw me off the four wheeler he came bounding up to me and almost bowled me over. I could tell that he was absolutely petrified after what happened. He was huffing & puffing and he had that scared look & feel to him. Even so, he was more than happy to see me and to have me giving him attention. It was rather sweet, actually.

Even though Gizmo isn't our favorite pet, he's still one of our family (even if he was added into our family against our will, but that's another story). Sure he's a big, dumb, slobbery animal, but he just wants to be loved and get attention. I can't recall him ever not being friendly towards us. He's never once growled at anyone, at least that I can recall. He'll always follow you around no matter what you're doing, with only one thought in his mind, "I like you and just want to be noticed by you." No, I can't read animal's minds so don't even ask, but it is easily apparent by the way the dog acts around us that there is nothing but love in his big, dumb heart for our family.

Anyhow, after I got him somewhat calmed down, I wondered how I was going to get him home. I tried putting him on the four wheeler with me but he didn't like that so much, and I couldn't really force him to ride since he's a big dog (probably 40 or 50 lbs). Instead, he just followed me home as I rode the four wheeler. Since he was still walking gingerly from being ran over, it took quite a while to get him home. I think around a half hour or so, but I didn't really keep track of time. When we got home, it was good to know he was back. Everything seemed back to normal. Even though I might not show it enough, I'd miss the big beast if he had passed away. For being as dumb as he is, I can't help but like the dog deep down. He's dumb in a loving way.

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