Thursday, April 08, 2004

Something I Really Want to Do

I think that this weekend is going to be the day that I do it. Yep, I really need to. This site’s design is annoying the crap out of me. I’ve let this website become a monster since I originally made it almost two years ago. Back then I had very little web development experience and this site has been lingering in the accumulation of unoptimized pages, crappily coded HTML, and many other things I haven’t had the time to properly look at or fix. Heck, I don’t spend much more a half an hour a day on this site, and that’s usually just writing the post for the day. Actually, I’d be lucky if I managed to dedicate an entire half of an hour to a post, but I’m sure it has happened a couple of times in the past.

I read so many other online journals and I also look at the work I did on Kingland’s web site and it amazes me how much I’ve let this site turn into something so junky looking. After reading some of my past posts, I also realize that I should start proof-reading them before I put them up…but that would take too much extra time and effort so I’m afraid you readers will have to suffer with my occasional lack of grammar, punctuation, or spelling for the time being. It’s just a pain to proof-read even more text when I’m poring over pages upon pages of text at work. Oh, on a side note, the manual I’ve been working on is at the beta stage now, which means it’s pretty much done except for the review process. It only weighs in at about 170 pages, which is much better than the 200 I thought it would end up being.

On another work related note, I’ve finally been hired on to a full time salaried position at Kingland. It’s nice not to be stuck in intern limbo any more. The pay is also a little better than what an intern gets, and I actually get benefits. I’d been meaning to make a note of this earlier, but I always forgot to.

Anyhow, as for the updates to this site, there’s a few I want to make. First, the layout that is here has to go. I want to make something that has a cleaner feel and will stay simple and not require much upkeep. I also want to clean out a bunch of the older random pages that have been hanging around forever. The reviews section was something I just did when I had a couple minutes of spare time at work, so I think I’ll axe that. The thought archives are functional, but I’d like to set up a different way of accessing them, probably using some asp scripts. The pictures will probably stay how they are for now because I don’t want to go through them. I’d also like to make a style sheet that all new pages would adhere to. The only problem with that is there would be a distinct difference between the look of the new pages and the old ones because I am not going to go looking through the old pages to try to fix them up. They’re too full of code fragments that I don’t even want to imagine all the work I would have to do to make them CSS compliant.

Anyhow, I just wanted to give a little bit of a warning to anyone who regularly comes here that there might be some construction, destruction, and page errors for a while over the weekend, but don’t be alarmed because I’ll be taking care of everything in time.

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