Monday, May 24, 2004

Inattentiveness Rears its Ugly Head

The summer starts here. Well, at least it does for Kristin and myself. I moved her down to our place this weekend. She's taken Ryan's room upstairs since he sleeps on the floor in the basement. I'm hoping it will be a fun summer with her around. If it's not, well, I guess that'll suck a lot, but I'm betting it won't. There has been one small snag so far and that involves Kristin's job.

When she interviewed with Hiawatha Homes earlier in the year, they made it seem to her that she would be working a 40 hour work week during the day, much the same as my schedule. We both assumed that Hiawatha thought that because Kristin told her she would be commuting with me. I guess they assumed completely different since they scheduled her to work nights. What's amazing is that the person who set up her schedule is the same one that interviewed her and was told that she'd be in Roch during the day while I worked. This was a little disconcerting.

Apparently they attempted to work something out so that she can work my schedule, but she was told she probably won't be able to get a full 40 hour work week in. Total bunk! They were the ones not paying attention and g'funked up the schedule. I guess I'm a little bit pissed, as is she, no doubt. It's really too bad that they had to mess things up right off the bat, but I suppose it was too good to be true that her job would work out as wonderfully as we thought it would. We'll have to see how things go. Maybe on the days off she'll get to work on the farm and see how it was for me growing up!

On a side note, I finally finished Dracula. For the most part it was a good novel, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the writing style--way too over the top. Every time anything that was even remotely important was going to happen, one of the characters, usually Van Helsing, would jump into a rather elongated and heavy winded speech. It was interesting at first, but as the book drug on, I came to realize that the thing would be about half as short as it is if Bram Stoker would have simply cut down the speeches. It almost made it feel like the novel was one long broadway play--tons of overly dramatic dialogue about every little thing. Now that I've finally finished it, I've started reading Cicero's The Nature of the Gods. It will be refreshing to do some philosophical reading once again, even if it isn't something very complicated.

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