Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Crossgen's Demise

I'm probably the thousandth person to talk about this, but I find it somewhat sad. Crossgen comics is no longer with us. They've filed for bankruptcy and it looks like the amount of debt they have will make it impossible for them to come out of this. The saddest part about this deal is that I was just starting to finally get into Crossgen's comics.

I have runs of Negation, The First, The Path, and Crux, but I haven't started reading any of them because I've wanted to complete my runs first. I hate reading a series and then getting to a point where you're missing an issue and then you have to go track it down to continue the story. I'd much rather hold off on reading the series until I have the whole thing. Lately, though, I've started picking up Negation War in my previews orders. It was looking to be a good mini, and I was anxiously looking forward to reading it, but now it looks as if it won't even be completed. I'm always so frustrated when series are never completed. I need closure for my stories!

The only bright spot to this whole situation is that the prices for back issues of Crossgen titles might drop. As it is, most of the Crossgen titles are hard to find, and hard to find at cover price or less when they are available. For me I'd love to see the values drop, but for all of the other people who have been collecting these titles for their perceived future value it would be a big blow... but that wouldn't be all bad since I really dislike people who buy comics only to try to make a buck in the future. Buy comics to read and enjoy! That's the only reason I do. I suppose that's also the reason that most of my comics aren't worth a whole lot :-)

Ok, well, I'm off to a Rochester Honkers baseball game.

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