Thursday, September 02, 2004

I'm the #1 Site for...

I suppose the big news of yesterday is that I have taken the plunge back into cell phone society. I've been without one for a while now and actually be quite happy about it, but for simplicity's sake in being able to contact me, my parents both insisted I get a cell phone again. I actually decided to finally do it. I'm sharing their plan so it's not as expensive for me (like $20 a month is all). If you want my phone number, use the contact link above and I'll email it to you.

I'm a little leery of having a cell phone again simply because I hate people in general who use cell phones, but when I think about it, I only actually dislike people who have terrible cell phone etiquette. I'm always tempted to punch someone in the face if they decide to answer their phone while talking to me. Let the caller leave you a voicemail and call them later. There's no need to just cut off a conversation to answer your damn phone. It's rude. Also, people who sit there and talk on their cell while driving annoy the piss out of me. Focus on driving instead of talking and you won't get the finger from me as often.

One quick side note about this phone. There are about a hundred rings to choose from, but none of them are any good. Why isn't there any normal, plain-jane rings? There's Hungarian chants, Middle Eastern melodies, tons of crappy midi tunes, and even the Hokey Pokey, but there is only ONE standard ring tone and it's freakin' annoying. Right now I have the ring set as the alarm clock alert because I can't stand any of the rings.

I kind of hate to do this because it is probably only going to reinforce my Google rank for this particular search, but anyhow, go to Google and search for "overweight bikers". Now look at what the #1 site for that search is...... yeah, I was amazed too. I mention overweight bikers and Sturgis when talking about my South Dakota vacation and all of the sudden my site is the #1 search result for that search. Now that I've said it a couple of times in this post as well I'm probably doomed to that position for eternity.

In computer related news, Stacey's computer is locked, cocked, and ready to rock. It was a long time coming considering all the problems I had with getting the motherboard's onboard accessories to work with XP (especially after SP2). Now since that's done, I've started work on getting my computer back together. I'm not having any luck with mine and am about ready to give up completely.

First, I kept getting a blue screen with a bunch of memory addresses and messages telling me that Windows hates me so I figured I had some bad memory. After I got new memory, that problem was fixed, however, a new problem has cropped up and it's one that I can't seem to solve for the life of me.

I'm trying to install XP Pro onto my hard drive which still has an old copy of XP Pro on it. I tried just booting up using the copy that's on there, but I'm thinking it doesn't like all the new hardware because I get the error I mentioned above when trying that. As I try to install XP Pro from the cd, after it's loaded all the drivers it needs (it lists them along the bottom of the screen as it's doing it), it then says "Starting Windows XP" down where it listed all the drivers it was loading. At this point it hangs.

No matter what I do it hangs there. I'm not sure if it's freezing or if it is just sitting there twiddling it's thumbs. There's no CD activity, no hard drive activity, and (I'm guessing) no cpu activity. I am clueless as to what to do. If anyone has any ideas, please PLEASE pass them on so I can get my computer running. Here's what I have in my computer in case anyone knows if these parts don't like each other:

* Syntax SV400 motherboard
* Athlon XP 2800
* 512 MB PC2700 DDR RAM from K*Byte
* GeForce 5500 OC 256 MB
* A 30, 60, and 80 GB Western Digital hard drive (3 hard drives)
* A 4x DVD burner
* 550 watt power supply (says it's tested and made for Athlon XP systems)

So what is wrong? If I can't figure anything out I might just have to find a copy of Windows 2000 to put on and then see if I can put XP on over the top of it. Right now I hate computers and don't want to deal with them any more, but I have to try to get this figured out soon so if it is a problem with my RAM or graphics card I can take them back (I have about 20 days on the graphics card left in which I can return it). BAH! F you computer!

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