Monday, September 13, 2004

New Computer Goodness

As of last Friday, I finally got a new computer to use at work. Instead of making due with my 500 mhz Celeron for running Photoshop, Outlook, Eclipse, and other such resource hogs, I now have a spiffy and pretty beefy machine. The three things that I'm enjoying most about it are the 2.6 ghz Pentium 4, the 1 gigabyte of DDR RAM, and the GeForce 4 graphics card.

It's unbelievable going from such an old pile to a semi-new (it was our head GUI designer's old computer - he just got an upgrade) fast machine. I can now run Outlook, Eclipse, Winamp, AIM, Firefox, Frontpage, and Word all at once... on one computer, unlike having to use two in the past (I used my travel laptop to run AIM, Winamp, and Outlook and my desktop for my development and writing chores).

The only bad part about getting a new computer is getting it customized to how you like it, or more accurately, getting it to look and feel EXACTLY like your old computer. I've been getting most of what I needed installed and moved over. One of the first things I put on was Objectdock since I hate using the standard MS start bar. I also put on StyleXP so that I can make my computer look even less like Windows.

Since I'm transitioning between computers and I also have a good amount of crap to actually get done for work, the updates to this site may be somewhat sparse over the next couple of days, but I know all four of you that probably read this won't mind. While I'm putzing with my new computer, check out some of the blogs over to the right, I'm sure you'll enjoy some of them. I do.

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