Thursday, October 21, 2004

Baseball, Again?

Who would have thought that I'd be talking about baseball two days in a row? Me, someone who utterly detests the players of the sport and can't stand to watch it 99% of the time. I didn't think I'd ever talk about it either, but how can you not when Boston has so graciously put the Yankees in the history books for the third time this season.

Their first record this season came when they fielded a $182 million + payroll--the largest in major league baseball history to date (but that'll probably change next year as the Yanks are expected to spend nearly 200 million). I just don't know what to say to their huge advantage in spending in comparison to every other team in baseball. Some of the teams on the bottom of the list wouldn't hardly be able to pay for one player on the Yankees, let alone field what is virtually an All-Star caliber team.

Their second record came in their humiliating 22-0 loss to the Indians. It was the largest defeat in Yankee history by the highest paid iteration of the team. How fitting. I remember having a joyful time laughing when I caught that story on ESPN. How could a team that is supposed to be SO good get hammered so bad (by a team that was less than .500 at the time)? Your guess is as good as mine, but I know it made me feel all warm inside.

Now you have their biggest claim to fame in that they are the only team to be up 3-0 in a playoff series and lose. Never in baseball's extensive history has this ever happened... until now when this year's Red Sox team dismantled the evil empire... err, the Yankees. Seeing the looks on the faces of all of the Yankee players was priceless, especially on that ass-clown A-rod. He's such a dink that it almost goes beyond comprehension some of the crap he says or does (and that's just from the little bit of baseball I've watched and the game summaries I've read on ESPN).

Then there's the New York fans, as wonderful as they are, being total douche-bombs during and after the game. What was up with their chanting "Who's your daddy?" during the game? It seemed really dumb and made it feel like I was watching a high school baseball game where there's those three kids in the student section of the stands that start acting like nutsacs and get the rest of the kids to chant along. I can understand changing "defense" or other standard cheers, but "Who's your daddy?". Come on.

After the game it gets even more hairy, however, as some fans who were at the game sporting Red Sox attire were beat up by Yankees fans. How awesome is that? Just because someone is wearing clothes that sport the logo of the opposing team they should be beat up? I don't get it. How can some people be so totally inhumane and uncaring?

Anyhow, I'm just happy about the outcome of the game and I'm sure most of the baseball fans in the US share my feelings (except for those nasty New Yorkers). What's really funny, at least to me, is that I won't be watching the world series and don't really care who wins it or not. I only watched what I did to see the Yankees crash and burn. To me, the Boston/New York championship series was the world series.

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