Thursday, October 07, 2004

Minnesota's FallCon is Upon Us

It's that time of year again--time for Minnesota's annual fall comic book convention at the State Fair grounds on Saturday. This will only be the second time that I have gone, but I enjoyed myself last year and I'm pretty sure I will this year too.

What will make this year a little better is that I have more money to spend. I've been putting away a few dollars here and there in a stash in my computer desk over the last month or two and I actually managed to put away around $100. This should be able to net me a bunch of stuff. After paying the admission price for Kristin and myself, I should be left with over $80 to spend on back issues to complete runs, graphic novels, maybe some toys, and hopefully a lot of CrossGen stuff, considering they recently went bankrupt and were sold to a subsidiary of Disney. Comic shops all over the US and online retailers have been slashing prices on CG stuff, so I'm hoping to be able to grab a bunch of their stuff as it's always interested me, but I've never wanted to spend a lot of money to get into their universe.

I only hope Kristin won't get too bored by me poring over every back issue bin looking for deals. I get a little OCD when I'm looking for deals, especially with comics and a limited budget. I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to look at the art that is there and play with the toys like we did last year.

Since I'm in the comics talking mood, everyone who hasn't checked out Behind the Times Comic Review, my quasi-retro review blog, should do so in their spare time. The next comics on my list to be reviewed there are Tellos from Image and the first few issues of Marvel Comics Presents.

Ok, that's about it for now. I'm back writing another manual and a load of help files at work so my desire to type out more text in my spare time is somewhat waning right now. Oh, if anyone plans on coming out to the comic con on Saturday, feel free to stop me and say hi. I'll be in a black shirt that says "Open 24 Hours" if it's warm out or a baby blue hoodie sweatshirt with a dragon pattern on the front if it's cold. I doubt anyone that reads this will be there, but just in case.

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