Thursday, December 09, 2004

Cell Phone Stupidity

I've always hated it when people jabber away on their cell phones while driving and I know that they're probably part of the reason why a lot of accidents happen. Instead of focusing on the road, a driver is more concerned about holding that phone up to their, adjusting it to hear better, and keeping track of their conversation than the road. Just to be clear, if someone has a headpiece on and is making phone calls in their car, I really don't have a big problem with it. Since their hands aren't fumbling with their phone they can at least dedicate a little more focus to their driving.

Anyhow, this is all just a lead up to an accident I witnessed on my drive home from work last night. I was driving home on a moderately busy 4 lane highway (HWY 14 for anyone in the Rochester area). I was in the left lane as I had just finished passing a car, but before I could get back into the left lane so the douchebomber riding my ass could pass me, he zooms into the right lane and flies by me.

Now I was traveling along at about 75 mph, so he was cruising pretty fast and as he went by I glanced over and saw his head moving all over as he held up his cell phone to his head. Up ahead was a stoplight and it was red. Mr. "I'm talking on my phone so I don't need to pay attention to my driving" must not have noticed that because he slammed into the rear end of a car that was stopped at the stoplight. The car he hit was a newer Saturn and he was driving what looked to be a Ford F150. Needless to say, he kind of messed up the Saturn pretty good.

As I was at the stoplight waiting for it to turn green I saw a girl get out of the driver side of the Saturn and another girl get out of the passenger side. They were ok, which was good. The passenger side girl ran over to give the driver side girl a hug. Now the jerkoff driving the truck gets out. He's off his cell phone now, although it wouldn't have surprised me to much to see him get out while still jabbering away.

So what does he do once he gets out of his vehicle? Does he apologize? Does he try to console the two girls? Does he attempt to exchange insurance information? Nope, he starts screaming at the two girls and waving his hands violently. He's obvioulsy uber-pissed, probably because he had to end his phone call. He was the one completely at fault and he's bitching out these two girls he just rammed into the back of. The audacity of this guy simply amazed me. While he was proceding to scream at them, the light turned green so I drove off and missed the resolution of the situation, although I'm assuming it didn't go well.

It's people like this that make me want to drive even less. Who knows if I could get broadsided by some dingleberry trying to eat a big mac while playing with his palm pilot or some idiot reading the newspaper while driving (I've seen both, as well as many other crazy things on my daily commute). Damn you, stupid ass drivers. DAMN YOU ALL!

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