Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas with Kristin

This last weekend I was up to St. Cloud to visit Kristin and help her move out of her apartment back to her parents' house since she'll be in Costa Rica and Nicaragua next semester. While I was up there we celebrated our Christmas together. I was actually very surprised at what she got me this year. I had no clue as to what she was going to get me, so it was really awesome getting a few things I never would have thought to receive.

First, she got me one of those Asian mister/humidifier/lamp things that you have probably seen in a local mall kiosk somewhere. I've always been mystified by them when we'd make our mall crawls together. Seeing how enamored I was with them, Kristin picked me up a beautiful blue one just like the picture below (except blue, of course). I think I spent an entire night at her parents' house playing around with the mist and light patterns. Right now I have it put up next to a reading lamp at home so that I can enjoy it while sitting down to watch tv, eat, or read.

The second thing she got me was the Batman movie on DVD. It was kind of fitting since I had gotten her the Superman movies on her birthday. I'm actually glad she didn't get me the Batman movie boxed set since Batman & Robin was one of the most atrocious comic book inspired films to tarnish the big screen. Batman and Batman Returns were both good. Batman Forever was watchable. Batman Begins looks friggin' awesome.

For my final gift, Kristin managed to find a book that combined my love of philosophy and our mutual obsession with the Simpsons in The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D'oh of Homer. I'll be interested to see how the myriad of philosophers contained in the book are integrated into the workings of various episodes of the Simpsons. I'll have a book report ready for you when you get back from Central America, Kristin :-)

All in all, I was extremely happy with the wonderful gifts from my sweet, sweet girlfriend and they'll help me to make it through the four months she'll be gone. Merry Christmas and thank you a ton, Kristin!

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