Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Irony Blows My Mind

Friday I had to make a quick office supply run for the company to Staples since we were out of, well, staples. Actually, it was a specific style of staple that we were out of. We had plenty of normal staples and friggin huge 8 foot long staples, but we didn't have anything in between for 30-60 page documents. Since I had a 40-ish page document to staple together, I needed a staple size in between the two we had. The little ones just didn't go all the way through and the long ones went through... and then came back out the top which wasn't so cool.

When I got to Staples, I walked back to the stapler aisle and saw the boxes of staples along the bottom shelf. As I was scanning for the size staples we needed for the office, I found where they should have been, but there weren't any boxes of staples there. I asked one of the workers for help and apparently Staples was completely out of staples.

Staples was out of staples. Say it with me. Staples was out of staples. If that doesn't make you chuckle at least a little then you're not nearly as easily amused as me... and that's just too bad for you.

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