Tuesday, December 07, 2004

There Go His Testicles

Yesterday as I went to sleep, it seemed a little more lonely than usual. My feet just seemed to be a little colder than they usually were. I didn't think I'd miss my kittie, Stitch, as much as I did. Yesterday while I was at work my dad took him in to have his manhood removed, his claws taken out, and to have his required shots. In doing all of that he has to stay with the vet for a couple of days.

As I thought about Stitch going in to get all of this done, I started pondering what it must be like to be him. Imagine for a minute that your guardians pack you up, take you to a strange place, and leave you there with someone you've never seen before. Around you there are other humans, some of them are sick, others are bandaged up, and yet others are kenneled up there looking confused. Why are you there? What could possibly be the reason that your guardians brought you there.

While you watch your guardians leave, you're herded into a cage and put in a back room filled with loads of shiny tools and a while operating table in the middle of the room. You can feel the panic rising inside of you. "What purpose does all of this have?" you wonder as one of the doctors there picks you up and quickly gives you a shot above your neck. Before you have time to lash out, you slowly fade away into a deep, drug-induced sleep.

When you awaken you feel a sharp pain in your finger and a dull ache in your crotch. As you reach your hands up to your face you see that they are covered in bandages. Flexing them, it is easily noticeable that something is missing from each finger. Upon closer analysis you can feel that all of your fingernails have been ripped out! Why? Why would someone do that to you.

Already enraged, you glance down at your crotch and feel the area where your testicles used to be only to feel empty space. They're gone! They're gone! The doctors have stolen your reproductive organs from you. Whatever are you going to do without them? How are you ever going to get a girlfriend if you can't ever bring her children? Oh God, your life is such a mess now.

Imagine the confusion, the rage, and the sadness at waking up to find your testicles and claws missing. I can't imagine what my little Stitch must be going through and I hope I never do. The poor guy is definitely going to get spoiled when he gets back home because I would never wish such a punishment upon anyone. I know that we had to have it done as he was scratching up our furniture and starting to spritz areas of the house to mark his mating territory, but I still feel terrible about having to do such a thing to the poor, little guy.

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