Monday, January 10, 2005

RSJ - Blueprint for a Brighter Future CD Review

You want some metal? Some real metal? I’m not talking about that asstastic, wannabe metal you hear on the radio. I’m not talking about faux nu-metal. I’m talking about full-on, crunching, abrasive metal. You want thick, distorted guitars? You want all out screams and guttural yells? You want a heavy, thick bottom end? You want drums that pound on your eardrums? If you do, grab Blueprint for a Brighter Future by RSJ ASAP.

I was floored by the intensity on display throughout the four songs presented on this EP. Each song is unrelentingly heavy and brutal, so much so that my ears needed a break after my first listen. Amazingly, as well as being so heavy, RSJ include enough variations to their core sound to make each song its own. One song has a short start/stop section that pummels you one moment, pauses one moment, and then pummels you again. Another song has a small stab at melody, which came off quite well. Another song is just straight ahead metal fury. I think you get the picture. Honestly, the only thing that is wrong with this EP is that it isn’t longer! Do yourself a favor and give this EP a shot. Sure, it’s not even 20 minutes long, but you’ll end up spinning it more than you will most full length releases.

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