Monday, January 03, 2005

Sorry for the Interruption

Yeah, so anyone who's come by my site in the last week or so has been greeted by a wonderful advertisement. As you may have deduced, they're my hosting company. I've never had trouble with them in the past up until this last week... well, I also had a little trouble before, but chalked it up to a privacy concern.

Anyhow, here's the story. My hosting with expired sometime during the summer, I believe. When it was coming close to the expiration date, I contacted them letting them know I'd like to continue my hosting with them, but my email on file had been deactivated (it was my college email) so I was emailing them from my new work email. After multiple emails, I received no response. It came time for my hosting to end and I expected a big ad page to appear much like it did this last week, but it never did. My hosting just kept going. I never really thought about it again.

Then Christmas Eve rolls around and I see my site has been taken down. must have finally decided to cancel my hosting since I hadn't continued it. I went through the process of signing up again and letting them know I tried to renew my account before but didn't ever receive a response. I waited all this last week for some type of response, but never received one, yet my credit card was charged.

I emailed them today asking what was up and received their general email about how to set up my account, so that's what I did. Incidentally, my site is now hosted on a server in the UK, which seems odd but whatever, it's back up again.

Now I'm still waiting on a response to my questions about their lack of replies to my emails and a refund of the startup fee that I shouldn't have to pay again (which amounts to $39.00). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll get refunded, but I haven't been very impressed by their customer service so far.

Anyways, I hope my site being down won't have permanently turned too many people away. Tell your friends, I'm back! I'm also here to stay for at least three years as that's how long I renewed my hosting and domain name so if they try to screw me again at least it'll only happen once every three years.

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