Monday, January 17, 2005

Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings?

Looking to the future, I think about the past
Everything I want in life, I know will never last
I try to believe that there's a tomorrow
I try to revel in today's warm glow
But there's something hanging over me
Blocking everything, I find it hard to see
Stuck in the shadow of regret
So many things I want to accomplish yet
I have so many plans to fulfill
But who knows if I'll be here still
I always thought I'd live forever
Believing I'd die almost never
Now all alone and filled with pain
I see that my plans may be in vain
Each night as I lie in bed
My thoughts and hopes are clouded by dread
In the morning will I open up my eyes
Or will my body be greeted with loud cries
In the dark recesses of my mind
Are thoughts of a very scared kind
Knowing time is running out
I wish I could've taken another route
Leaving so many things to do later
With time's passing growing greater
So much I'll probably never get to do
So many things planned for me and you
All because I wasted so many days
Doing nothing in so many different ways
Don't wait to do what's in your heart
Or it may never even get a chance to start

With that said, my arm has been aching like crazy all day. The last few days it's been somewhat sore and achy when I got up in the morning, but it eventually went away. Today, however, it's just been a continual source of pain. It's like the entirety of my arm from my shoulder to my elbow is had the bejesus beat out of it... except there's no bruising or anything, just the pain. I'm going to the doc tomorrow to see if he can tell me what's up. Hopefully it's just a pinched nerve or strained muscle group or something. When I was looking through webMD for things that matched my symptoms two of the higher matching search results were for muscular dystrophy and bone cancer... Let's hope it's neither of those, or anything that's as equally bad.

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