Friday, February 04, 2005

Everyone's Doing It

So, it seems like every blog does this at one time or another, and since I saw the Pickytarian doing it, I figured I would. The following searches have managed to bring people to my site:

inflamation of the nerves
No doubt this relates to my nerve inflammation. I hope they didn't come here looking for anything useful about it.

yesterday beastles chords
Why would someone string those words together? Who knows.

"how old do you act?"
Probably looking for some online quiz or some crap like that.

poker addiction
Some people just can't get enough.

testicles gone
I've gotten a fair amount of hits for that search. How many people really want to know what it's like with your testicles gone?

penis pictures
I'm glad at least one porn style search brings people to my site. I'd feel incomplete without it.

What's really, really odd about this is I'm the 8th ranked result for this search on MSN. I wonder what that says about my content...

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