Monday, March 14, 2005

Final Four Time

March Madness begins on Thursday and yet again I haven't researched the teams in the tournament enough. Every year, I always tell myself that I should watch more college basketball since the NBA keeps getting more and more lame each year, but without cable or satellite it's so hard to get any games to watch. I could keep up by reading all the results and rankings on or something, but I usually find I don't have the time to do that while I'm at a computer hooked up to the internet. At work I'm usually working or doing something semi-work related. When I'm at home, I don't like using a computer any more than I have to since I'm behind one for 8 hours a day. This leaves very little time for browsing through college basketball news. Besides, it's not the scores I so much care about, it's being able to watch the games.

I am happy to see that both Minnesota and Iowa State made it in, and with decent rankings too (8 and 9 respectively). It's too bad that they have to play each other in the first round and even worse that whoever wins will probably get destroyed by North Carolina in the second round (and any one who thinks NC will lose to the play-in team is an idiot). I put my bracket together earlier this morning and after I'd finished, I realized something odd--in my final four, I don't have a single #1 seed making it. For me it'll be Oklahoma St., Gonzaga, Conneticut, and Kentucky. Now I'll have to keep my fingers crossed, as I do each year, that I managed to pick at least a few teams right--enough to win some money at least.

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