Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Happy 16th Birthday Ryan!

So it's my little brother's birthday today. He's turning 16 which means he'll be able to drive now. It's a scary thought, but I think he's had plenty of driving experience on his four wheeler to at least kind of get the feel for what controlling a vehicle is like. I remember when I first got my liscence, I was always afraid to ride with any of the town kids and always insisted that I drive because a lot of the townies didn't know how to handle a vehicle. I'd been driving tractors, lawn mowers, and trucks out on the farm for years so I think that helped prepare me for handling a car.

I also feel really old now that Ryan is 16. I was looking through some old photo albums while I was lifting the other night (my weights are surrounded by stuff that got stored in the addition after our basement flooded) and it was really heartwarming to look back and see Ryan all little and Randy just getting into the double digits. I was about as old as Ryan is now in most of those pictures, if not a tad bit younger. Now I'm almost 24, Randy'll be 21 soon, and little Ryan is 16. What happened to the days when we were all little, cute, and carefree?

I wish that I could go back and revisit the days when I was 16... well, some of it I guess. I'd hate to go through high school again, but just being young, dumb, free spirited would be a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle that I've been caught up in as of late. Life always gets in the way of truly living.

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