Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Completely Odd Weather

In my 24 years of life, I have never quite lived through a day as weird as yesterday, at least in relation to the weather. In the morning when I went to take my mom in to the doctor it was raining out--not too heavy, but enough to get you good and wet if you were to stand outside for long enough. I drove her in to Austin through the rain and waited for her while it rained and then left to party cloudy skies. The rain had stopped.

When we got home my mom drifted off to her bedroom to sleep since the medication they had given her to counteract her claustrophobia while in the MRI machine also had the side effect of making her extremely tired. I went down into my room to work on a document I was putting together for work. After about an hour or an hour and a half I came upstairs to get something to drink. As I looked out the window the partly cloudy skies had filled back in, quite fully, with billowing clouds that were in the process of dumping buckets of snow on our lawn. I didn't know it, but the temperature had dropped to right below freezing and the precipitation, in making its return, was coming down as snow. It only lasted for about a half hour to 45 minutes, but it was odd nonetheless.

I continued to work from my room in the basement until later in the afternoon when I heard a series of ping on the window to my room. Wondering what it was, I climbed onto my chair to see that outside it was hailing. Not completely believing my eyes and ears I went upstairs to get a better look. Sure enough, there was a small glaze of pebble sized pieces of ice covering our yard. Oddly enough there was no rain accompanying the hail--it was just the hail stones coming down. It didn't last long and none of the pieces were bigger than a pea, but it was still quite interesting.

To say that yesterday's weather patterns were a little bit odd would be putting it mildly. Where else besides Minnesota could you experience rain, snow, and hail all in the same day? I always knew there was a reason I loved this state!

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