Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mudvayne Interview

Last week Jared and I had the priviledge of interviewing Matt, the drummer of Mudvayne. Aside from a mix up with their tour manager, it went smoothly and came out quite well, if a little unbalanced. Let me explain. Jared had planned on asking him some questions about their tour, venues, and other music related stuff whereas I wanted to talk to him a bit about what he does for fun and in his spare time. Unfortunately for poor Jared, Matt happened to be a comic book collector. Once Matt and myself hit on that common thread, the entire interview took a wicked left turn down comic geek road. The majority of the interview turned into Matt and myself talking comics. I was going to post the interview here on my site, but it's pretty large so I'll just link to it instead and you can read it over at Decoy Music if you want to.

When we started the interview, Matt prefaced it by telling us that no questions about the band's abandonment of their onstage makeup would be answered. That was cool by us since we didn't even plan on asking about it since I'm sure they get it all the time. I'm also sure they get asked the same 20 or so questions about their music, touring, and life on the road so it was somewhat apparent that Matt was somewhat distanced and slightly disinterested when answering the music based questions. I'd be the same way if I had to answer the same stuff over and over again. When we started talking about comics, Matt really got into it. No doubt other interviewers didn't ask him about comics, or even if they somehow did they didn't know anything about them.

The interview, at that point, turned more into a conversation between two comic geeks gushing over what they do and don't like about the industry. Honestly, this interview would probably have fit in better over at Newsarama or CBR instead of Decoy, but I hope that maybe seeing Matt as passionate about comics as he is that some of the metalheads out there will pick up a comic or two and keep the industry out of the stagnation it's been in the last few years.

Anyways, since this was basically my first interview with a big name band, or big name anyone for that matter, let me know what you think of it.

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