Thursday, May 12, 2005

Better Than 90% of the Ads on TV

I stumbled across this site yesterday and ended up laughing my ass off at these fake commercials that someone made for firefox. I would love to see creativity like that used to create these ads in the majority of the advertisements on tv. I might actually enjoy watching commercials again. From time to time I actually like watching commercials if they're clever, funny, or well made. Pick a random commercial break nowadays and they're all crap.

Look at the current Nike ads. None of them make any sense whatsoever. One particular ad has two robots punching each other, each time causing a color change, until one is arbitrarily chosen as the winner. Flash Nike logo and commercial ends. Lame.

Then there's the Mountain Dew ads. Some guy has to play basketball against a bunch of ninjas and demons. He dribbles through them, all the while the camera flashily is jump cutting all over the place, only to run up a demon's chest to lay the ball in. He then proclaims no one touched him at which point his hair and clothes fall off because they were sliced up while was dribbling. Flash Mountain Dew logo. What's the point of this?

What really gets me are all of the truck ads. They are all the exact same commercial with different trucks. Here's the template: show truck driving around doing tough, truck stuff while a deep voiced announcer proclaims how good it is. Intersperse some text about how it compares to other trucks, say a tagline, and end the commercial. Every truck ad bores me to tears!

Why does every commercial have to be some postmodern avant garde attempt at artistry, faux edgy, or boring? Why is there no creativity? I want good commercials dammit!

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