Friday, May 27, 2005

Dumb, Dumb Domino's

For my money’s worth, the north Domino’s Pizza here in Rochester is the most incompetently run food establishment that I have ever dealt with. Today only hammered the fact home. I had long suspected that there was absolutely no one of any quality working there and today it was confirmed.

Often on Fridays at work my fellow co-workers and myself will put in an order of pizzas for lunch. Domino’s medium pizzas for $5 a piece when you order 3 or more is such a great deal that it just makes too much sense NOT to order pizza at least once a week.

It hasn’t always been bad experiences, but a lot of the time is has been. One time they screwed up all of the toppings but had the labels on the boxes right while another time they screwed up the labels but had the pizzas right. The second scenario was much easier to rectify back at work than the first. Often it will take dozens of rings when calling them before they pick up and giving your order is always a rough experience. None of this is overly terrible to tell you the truth. Sure, getting wrong pizzas is annoying, but we eventually got the right ones and even got a free pizza out of the deal.

Today, however, I experienced true incompetence. I called to order at 11:00 this morning so we could eat at 11:30 or so, much like we always do. No answer. I try at 11:15. No answer. I actually drive across the road to see if their phones are just not working and see that there are no lights on at the place and no one is there. Wondering what is going on, I call the south Domino’s. The guy that answers hardly speaks our language and after hearing my plight tells me that he’ll check into it. Before I can even respond to him he hangs up on me.

He never calls me back and hoping for a miracle I call the north Domino’s again. No one there. I call the south Domino’s back again and get told that the manager of the north location can’t be located, that the south Domino’s won’t deliver to us, and that they’re sorry for the situation. Awesome.

I call the north Domino’s one last time, crossing my fingers in the hopes that by some act of God a worker will have showed up. Sure enough, someone was finally there. It was now noon. I put in my order and went over to pick it up at 12:20. As I pick up my pizzas I tell the cashier, “Did you know that no one was here this morning and that you had customers calling to put in orders?”

“Umm… yeah.”

“Well, I had wanted to order pizzas at 11:00 and I even drove over here to see if it was a problem with the phone when I saw no one was here. My co-workers and myself wanted these pizzas about an hour ago.”

“Uhh… yeah, sorry. That’ll be $26.”

At this point I had to embellish a little if I wanted cheaper pizzas because I was bound and determined to make it worth my effort for wasting the time I did this morning. While he looked at me emptily I told him, “These pizzas were for a business meeting that is now over. My clients had nothing to eat during the meeting.”

“Umm… I can discount you some.”

I figured that would be good enough for me, so we ended up getting pizzas for half off which meant that each pizza was only $2.50, which all of my co-workers were quite happy about. I was pissed about the wasted time, but at least we finally got our food. Hopefully in the future Domino’s won’t hire complete and utter ass-clowns as workers. It’d also be nice if they axed the current employee roster since they are as far from competent as Pluto is from the sun.

Oh, just so you know, free comic book month is continuing, I just haven’t put together the latest winners. Don’t worry, they’re coming!!!

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