Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Free Comic Book Month -- Day Ten and Eleven

I'm a little behind so here are today's and Monday's winners!

Hannah gets free comics because:

"Hi, great contest. Thinking about comics I enjoyed and then trying to narrow the field down gave me some kind of acid-like flashback to my barely-pre-adolescent psychological outlook and general thought process. An odd experience, to say the least. So, in addition to my entry in the contest, please find a bill from the local mental-health institution. People became concerned by my re-found Rain Man-like obsessive collecting of every single 80's Xmen miniseries: they became insistent an in-patient stay when they found I'd purchased duplicate copies of, "Kitty Pryde & Wolverine," "Havoc & Wolverine," and "storm & Xavier.""

Hopefully some free comics helps heal your mental state!

You receive:
Dark Wolf #1-4 (demonic superhero action!)
New Triumph featuring Northguard #1 (Canadian superhero action!)
Savage Combat Tales #2 (military action from 1975!)
War Dancer #1 (Aztec superhero action!)

Jason gets free comics because:

"These free comics would not be for me but for my good friend who is currently stuck on his parents' couch for the next 2 months because of a broken leg. Not a good place for any 23 year old male. He broke his leg when our band was about to play our first gig at a house party. The cops raided and, while running he jumped a fence and it broke, he fell and broke his fibula. He has no insurance so he is screwed. So, these comics would be to help him keep a little bit of his sanity during his time stuck on the couch."

Man, that is terribly crappy. I hope he enjoys the free comics coming his way.

You receive:
Star Trek #30-32, 35 (from when Star Trek didn't suck, which means they came out before Voyager)
Iron Man Annual #13 (ol' shellhead kicks ass for 64 pages)
Knights on Broadway #1 (some crazy sci-fi)
Star Seed #9 (sci-fi superhero combo)

Enjoy! Remember, there's still a ton of comics left to give out, just go here. Tell your friends! There aren't a whole lot of entries so your chances are pretty good if you enter...

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