Monday, May 09, 2005

Free Comic Book Month -- Day Three

Libby gets free comics because:

"My anime and comics club decided to do Free Comic Book Day when we found out that the local comic book store wasn't going to (they can't really afford to give ANYTHING away -- they lost an entire store worth of comics in last year's floods and are still in desperate financial straits). It turned out it was too late to get the official free comics, but we really wanted to do it, so we just begged people for comics, and donated our own, and even bought some from flea markets. So we ended up with about 200 comics, and we reserved a table at the local mall, and gave them out all day today. It was soooo fun, and we told everyone where they could get more and which ones are best for which ages, and I think we got some kids really into it. There we only 5 comics left at when the mall closed (2 Guy Gardener issues, a coverless comic including a story called "The Singing Donkey", and 2 Ex-Mutants issues... "Not even for free", I guess.). It was a definite success!!! Anyway, the reason I need a free comics is... around a 125 of those books were my own, and I really need to replenish my collection!!!"

She receives:

Dark Horse Presents #77, 84-87 (this was such a great anthology series--I miss it)
Badrock #1A (everyone loves Rob Liefeld, right? Sorry, had to send some bad with the good)
Curse of the Spawn #18 (Dwayne Turner turns in some awesome pencils on this one)
Black Flag #1 (gorillas, demons, the military... how could it get any better?)

Enjoy! Remember, there's still time to enter, just go here.

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