Monday, June 20, 2005

DC Solicits for September

I, like almost every other hardcore comic book nerd, pore over the solicitations for future products every month, often anticipating a little too heavily some items. Also, much like every other comic book fan, looking over what is coming down the road a couple of months in advance helps me to plan my budget so I know what I can afford to buy and what I'll have to let go. If you want to check them out yourself, you can look at DC's September solicits here. Below you will see what I will plan on buying, what I am thinking about buying, and what I think sounds utterly stupid.

Must Buy:
ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER #2 (It's Frank Miller, for crap's sake)
BATMAN #645 (Who wants to be the Red Hood ISN'T Jason Todd?)
BATMAN: WAR GAMES ACT 3 TP (Simply to complete the collection. I bought the other volumes, but have been somewhat unimpressed)
SUPERMAN/BATMAN #23 (This series is pretty much big, dumb, superhero fun and I love it)
ACTION COMICS #831 (Because I get all of Superman's titles)
ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #644 (Because I get all of Superman's titles)
SUPERMAN #221 (Because I get all of Superman's titles)
JLA CLASSIFIED #12 (Ellis is the man)
MANHUNTER #14 (So far this series has been a pleasant surprise)
OUTSIDERS #28 (Another title I've really liked)
SEVEN SOLDIERS: GUARDIAN #4 (Grant Morrison is crazy... in a good way)
THE INTIMATES #11 (I'm surprised that DC keeps soliciting more issues considering how terrible sales have been)
EX MACHINA #15 (Everyone should be reading this)
SILENT DRAGON #3 (Diggle knows his action)
A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE TP - NEW EDITION (With the movie coming out and a tiny $9.99 price tag, why not?)
THE LOSERS #28 (I wonder how close we are to the end of the series)

Might Buy:
GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH HC (I never read anything Green Lantern, but maybe now's the time to get in on the game)
VIGILANTE #1 (Hmmm... Bruce Jones is pretty hit or miss with me and this seems like it'll be him doing Punisher in the DC universe)
WILDCATS: NEMESIS #1 (I heard so many good things about version 3.0 that maybe I should give Wildcats a try again)
BLOODY MARY TP (Ennis has always been good in my book. It'll depend on how much extra money I'll have)
THE QUITTER HC (I just watched American Splendor again this weekend and I'm intrigued by Pekar so this might have to get bought)

Sounds Ridiculous:
SHAZAM/SUPERMAN: FIRST THUNDER #1 (There was just a crossover with Superman and Shazam. Do we need another already?)
GREEN LANTERN CORPS: RECHARGE #1 (Green Lantern overkill anyone?)
WRAITHBORN #1 (Just the title makes me cringe and it sounds lame as well)

After looking that list over, I realize I buy way too many titles. Thankfully I didn't get drug into the whole Infinite Crisis crossover thingy as well or I would have to take out a loan just to keep up my comic fix. Thankfully I don't order much from Marvel anymore since they are putting out less and less that interest me each month.

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