Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Support Your Post Office

Reading this article from the Star Tribune I was reminded once again of how I love to take all of those credit card offers and other junk mail that I get and send them back to their owners--ripped, shredded, and sometimes with extra crap included. Since the credit card companies, loan consolidation companies, and other companies offering stuff provide you with postage paid envelopes, why not use them? What I have yet to try is what this guy did:
After checking with a postal clerk about the legality of stepping up his efforts, he began cutting up magazines, heavy bond paper and small strips of sheet metal and stuffing them into the business reply envelopes that came with the junk packages.

"You wouldn't believe how heavy I got some of these envelopes to weigh," said Williams, who added that he saw an immediate drop in the amount of arriving junk mail. A spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service, Gerald McKiernan, said that Williams' actions sounded legal, as long as the envelope was properly sealed.
Sheet metal. How awesome is that? I sometimes throw extra paper and stuff in the envelopes, but I've never done anything that extreme. I'm tempted now, however. You can be assured that from here on out I'm going to be stuffing every postage paid envelope full of whatever garbage I have sitting around. As long as it still seals shut, you're good. That'll teach the suckers.

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