Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Make Poop!

Thank God for Mr. Safety Professional Idiot. If not for him I think I may very well have exploded yesterday. After a long day of work, and I mean working from 6:50 am to 5:20 pm in my cubicle and conference room long, I was ready to strap a jacket of TNT to my body, walk into the middle of a corn field, and spread tiny little pieces of myself all over the place as well exploded fertilizer.

Instead, I was browsing Purevolume for new bands to listen to while I checked my email and the weather when ran across Mr. Safety listed in the comedy section. Usually anyone in the comedy section of Purevolume sucks something horrible, but this was one of the few times that I actually found myself laughing at songs since Weird Al was in his heyday.

How can you not love songs that talk about making poop, eating hot sauce, finding duct tape in your neighbor’s garbage while making a fake moustache for yourself, and other such wonderful things? I seriously laughed out loud more than a few times while listening to the 20 songs posted.

Now, in preparation for the end of another slow but busy work day, I find myself indulging my sick & twisted side by listening to even more Mr. Safety. Now go make some poop!

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