Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some Catblogging for You

Cats, cats, cats. Seems like it's impossible to live on a farm and not have a billion of them. At my parents' place they already have three house cats (one of them being mine, but my current housemates aren't too keen on letting him live with me so he stays at home for now) and a few outside barn cats. Of course with the passing of summer there were a few new additions to the Gebhardt family farm cat family.

We had a litter of three kittens at the beginning of the summer--Bob, Monster, and Batman. Unfortunately Bob didn't make it. He got really sick and didn't pull through. Monster made it through ok, but now she's wild and you can't catch her, which is what usually happens to most of the kittens we try to raise as outside only cats. Batman, however, is friendly as all get out. When I go out to the barns, he's always just hanging out and will come up to you looking for attention. It's great having a friendly outside cat again.

About a week ago, my mom heard a kitten meowing from the loft of one of our hog sheds and found a small, orange kitten abandoned by his mother. The poor little guy wouldn't have made it if my mom hadn't found him. When she found him, she put him in with the mother of the first litter and the mom took to nursing him and caring for him. On top of that, my mom and I love to bring Robin (the name we gave him) in the house and play with him. Kittens are so much fun. I just don't understand those people that hate them. Anyhow, here's a couple of pictures of the little guys. The first is Batman posing for the camera and the second is Robin chilling on the floor.



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