Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Push It to the Side

My memory, a picture show
Never ending and always sending
Images that I can’t touch
They’re there—vivid as the light to my eyes
People and places that will always be
Etched in my heart but no longer with me
A postcard from my past
How I wish I was there
But it is too far to travel
Too far? Too impossible…
As feelings are stirred up within me
What I see I realize can no longer be
Time and circumstance are my foes
They’ve taken so much, yet they leave with me
Reminders of their stolen spoils
With closed eyes I wish
That I could steal back what’s been taken
But my hopes have been forsaken
The joy of today is so happily swept away
To be consumed by the pages of the past
I have to forget everything from yesterday
Because memories have too high a price to pay
Everything ends up in the past
No matter what, nothing can last…

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