Sunday, October 09, 2005


As I was cleaning up the basement a little this evening, trying to take a break from work, I remembered that I never put up a picture of the katana set that I picked up while I was on vacation with my family in the Wisconsin Dells a little more than a month ago.

When I go on vacation, I try to pick up a dagger, sword, or other such sharp, piercing object as a souvenier. This year I just decided to bite the bullet, empty out my wallet, and get a katana set to put up in the living room in the basement. You never know when you might need a set of three differently sized killing weapons, like if ninja squirrels were to attempt to overtake my basement because of the strategic value it holds in their ongoing war against the Clan of the Painted Raccoon.

So, without further adieu, and because I need to get ready for bed after a long weekend of work, which did include a fun trip to the Minnesota FallCon, which I'll get to later, here are my swords:


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