Friday, December 30, 2005

Emo Band Promo Photo

Yes, I realize this is three posts for me in one day. Yes, I also realize most days I have trouble getting one out with how busy I've been. Lucky for you I've had a somewhat lax day at work and I've felt like writing. This one will be short, though, I promise.

So I've been playing around in Photoshop lately, playing with filters, effects, and actions. In my playing I've found a really great action that lets you turn photos into what looks like comic book art. At it's most basic, using this action is like using the posterize effect, but you have a lot more options for tweaking things (such as the shadowing, the newsprint vs glossy layering, etc.). Below is one of the photos I just "comic book-ed". It's of me and my two brothers sitting on the couch during Christmas. It looks more like the PR pic of an up and coming emo band, if you ask me.

On the Couch

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