Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lucid - Digging Through CD Review

In today’s musical arena, especially when it comes to popular music genres, it’s pretty much impossible to find a band that is actually doing something original. Instead every new band that comes around is broken down into the different influences they play to. The vocals sound like band X, the rhythm section sounds like band Y, the guitars sound like that guy from band Z, and so on.

You never hear the sound of a band described as if it had not existed prior to creation of band any more. The reason for this is the multitude of bands, like Lucid, that keep popping up more than zits on a teenager with a pepperoni pizza obsession. Lucid are competent musicians that can write decent songs, but they’re content to just play to their influences instead of trying to push the envelope. They want to play it safe or are simply comfortable playing what they know, I’m not quite sure, but doing that isn’t going to get them recognized unless they are very, very lucky or know the right people.

The songs on Digging Through are all listenable, but far from original. The vocals are a huge Tool rip-off. Sure, the guy can’t really help it that his voice sounds just like Maynard, but the way that he uses his voice is exactly like Maynard did in Tool’s early and middle of the road years. Now if you’re a Tool or A Perfect Circle slut, then this is obviously a good thing, but for everyone else, they’ll just think to themselves, “Jeez, another band aping Tool. When is this going to end?”

The music Tool-ish, just like the vocals, but not nearly as progressive. All of the songs are in the 3:30 to 4:30 time range, which leaves little time for self indulgent noodling, which is good, but it also leads to this cd feeling very bland. The entire band know how to make acceptable songs, but the simplicity that runs through some of the songs makes the entire effort feel underdeveloped, but then again these guys are dealing with the addition of new members to their band as well as trying to put together an independently released debut, so maybe give them the benefit of the doubt.

If the more esoteric Tool clones (and Tool themselves) are a little too much for you to swallow, Lucid might be able to work for you. Given some time to mature, some introspection, and some development time given to their songwriting process, Lucid could probably put out a disc that would fit in along with the big boys, but for right now Digging Through is stuck in the competent independent debut category.

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