Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Motivation

I've been asked more than a few times by different people why I blog. Truth be told, most of the time I still don't consider myself a "blogger", even though I go by the nickname "Rick the Blogger" with a couple of my friends. It was because of a TV news article they did on me this last year... but anyways that neither here nor there.

Usually when asked that question I try to point out that this blog didn't start as a blog per se. Originally it was only accessible by my family and people that I went to college with. I used it mainly as a way to post about activities at school so that my parents knew what I was doing and some of my friends could know what days I had certain things going on.

Over time it morphed into a way for me to vent about the things that pissed me off in life. I wouldn't really write about anything unless I was really mad. Truth be told, not everything I wrote was whining, complaining, or yelling, but whenever I did write it was because I was upset about something. It was a great outlet for me to air my frustrations somewhat semi-anonymously (this was before I registered my blog at this address, which kind of gives away who I am).

I then let it change even further. I used it as a way to work on keeping my work writing skills sharp. Since I was working as a technical writer, I needed a way to just write about stuff without it being technical so that I could then get more focus when I needed to write in a technical manner.

In recent months, or even year I suppose, I've continued to do it mostly out of habit and because I manage to get some kind of joy out of it. How I get joy out of it, I don't always know, especially since what I write on here sometimes gets me in hot water with people I know, but I do. Still, at times I wonder exactly what it is that drives me to keep writing. Then a couple of weeks ago I received an anonymous email that galvanized exactly why it was that I kept writing--people have made a connection to me. People have gotten to know me in some sort of abstract way through this thing we use daily called the internet. There's a virtual piece of me contained within this blog that somehow people out there have found a connection with.

To a few people I know, this is a relatively scary notion, but to me I find it almost comforting. To know that someone else can connect to what I write validates the time I put into writing, even if it is only being used as an outlet to type away my thoughts so that I don't focus on them anymore. So, here it is, here is one of the reasons I keep writing:
Hi Rick,

I’m a semi-anonymous reader of your Blog. I decided to send you this email directly and not post it on your Blog.

You’ve been on my Favorites list so long I no longer recall exactly when I discovered your journal or how I even found it. For readers, like myself, a Favorite blog can become like a comfortable pair of shoes. You just wear 'em, and wear 'em, and wear 'em, and never even say thanks.

That said, I deciced I should tell you that I enjoy so much what you write, and I like the person who comes through in your writings. Thank you, Rick, for the entertaiment you've brought me in 2005 as well as the motivation. Reading your journal brought me pleasure and entertaiment, and in small ways helped me with my own self improvement initiatives. I'm sure that wasn't your plan, but that's how it worked out. You write in a way that permits others to identify with your experiences. I wish I could write like that. Okay, that's my feedback. You're a good man, Rick. The world needs more guys like you. I'm convinced that a Blogger should become President. I guess that's a suggestion for a post. Imagine. A trusted Blogger becoming President. Not a bad idea. A nerd in the oval office. I'm liking the idea more all the time.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that! I'll be anonymous again now.

One of your fans

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