Thursday, January 26, 2006

Red Light!

On my drive to work I have to traverse 7 stoplights and 2 four way stop signs. It's only a little over 4 miles between where I live and where I work, but as you can guess, there is a lot of potential for stopages. And many days, there is plenty of it. Like this morning.

After getting woken up nice and early by barking dogs, I zombie-ishly went through my morning routine and headed off to work. As luck would have it, the stop lights that rested between me and my workplace took it upon themselves to make my life one of constant speeding up, slowing down, and stopping.

Out of the 7 stoplights I traverse, 5 of them I go straight through, 1 I turn left at, and 1 I turn right at. So essentially I have 6 that need to be green before I can go through them. This morning out of the 7 lights, I hit 5 of them when they were red. One of the two that was green was the light that I had to turn right at so it was basically a moot point.

Combine the 5 red lights with the two 4-way stops and had a total of 7 stops on my 4 mile trek to work. Ri-freakin-diculous. In this modern age of cell phones that are the size of graham crackers, freakish cloning experiments, and the Robosapien why can't they better program stop light patterns to not make people like me want to get out of my car during the 5th red light and pummel myself to death with the snow shovel from my trunk?

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