Monday, January 09, 2006

Sleeping in a Hoodie

I’m one of those people who usually likes it cool when I’m sleeping. When summer rolls around, I definitely need it pretty frigid to get solid sleep. If it’s not at least comfortable enough for me to lay on top of the covers in my boxers and not get warm, I just can’t sleep—period.

During the winter time, I still like it comfortable, but not freezingly cold like I do in the summer. Sleeping under the covers and snuggling up is fun… but not when you have to wear a hoodie, pants, and slippers just to be able to be warm enough to sleep.

I’ve just been dealing with it and dressing up really warm before I go to bed, but my parents, in their unbelievable awesomeness, decided that I shouldn’t have to wear winter garb just to be able to sleep so they bought me a heated mattress pad!

As soon as I got home from being out and about in town doing the usual—shopping, reading at coffee shops, working out, and generally trying my hardest not to be too bored—I took the pad out of its box and put it on my bed.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing like a heated mattress pad to help you deal with a cool, damp 60.5 degree room. Instead of having to put on more layers of clothes than an Antarctic exploratory team, I could comfortably sleep in just my flannel pants like I’m used to.

Take it from me, a heated mattress pad is probably something that every Minnesotan should invest in. Even if you keep your house relatively warm, putting the mattress pad on a low setting is soothing because you can crawl into an already warm bed. I didn’t think it would make that much of an impact, but after one night I’m hooked!

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