Thursday, February 09, 2006

X3 - More Photos

After seeing some of the new photos of X3 that have been leaking to the world, I am still afraid this movie is going to suck hard, like Elektra bad but not quite Catwoman bad.

Juggernaut just looks tiny. Every comic book he was ever in he was portrayed as this totally ginormous dude that dwarfed anyone he was around. In the one photo of him found at the above link, he looks like a WWF wrestler wearing some wacky medieval armor and holding an upside down metal popcorn bowl.

The Dark Phoenix storyline could be quite well portrayed throughout this film, but then you also have Beast and Angel, neither of which look too convincing in photo stills or the trailer. Some of the other characters, like Psylocke, also look very contrived and come off seeming like extras from a Cradle of Filth music video shoot.

The one photo of Colossus seems to be the one redeeming shot of a new character. He looks way more bad ass than from X2 so hopefully he'll lay the smack down on some unsuspecting villain ass, preferably the lameoid ass of Juggernaut.

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