Monday, March 27, 2006

Hey UPS, I Got Something For You

Yeah, that's exactly what I think of your delivery service. There's a reason why more than one of the companies I usually order things online through have switched to DHL--UPS makes more mistakes than any company should be allowed to.

It's fine to have a package not arrive on time once in a great while because, hey, mistakes do happen, but with UPS they happen more often than actual service. Take, for example, today's shipment that I was supposed to receive.

I was having my Xbox 360 and PSP shipped to me via UPS and according to their handy-dandy tracking system it was supposed to be delivered today. I checked when I got home from work and it said it was out for delivery. I was pretty much salivating while sitting on the couch in anticipation (yeah, I'm that lame, wanna fight about it?). After waiting and waiting 6:45 pm rolled around. In order to keep from exploding from impatience, I headed to the gym.

I got back from the gym at 7:45 and no package had arrived. Distraught and feeling like a kid who got a lump of coal for Christmas, I checked UPS's site once again only to see the following:
Umm... what? It was being shipped to [house number] on [x]th St NW, Rochester, MN. How much more specific can I be about the street? I've had mail, pizza, and Fedex shipments sent to the same address without any trouble. Why is UPS so shitty????

I'm praying to everything holy they'll be able to figure out that the street listed on the shipping invoice is the address they should deliver it to instead of attempting to someone gain more information about the street. Ugghh, this is frustrating. I just wanted to play some Call of Duty 2 tonight, dammit. UPS, consider yourself on my naughty list. Idiots.

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