Thursday, March 23, 2006

Open Up, Eyes

My eyelids feel like they have 10 lb weights attached to them right now. I want nothing more than a nice, soothing, not interrupted by dog barking, power nap. Last night was a late poker night from which I didn't get home from until well after 2 am. By the time I finally fell asleep it was near 2:30. A scant less than four hours later my idiotic internal clock thought it would be a good idea to wake up. It also thought that instead of letting me go back to sleep until I actually needed to get up, it would force me to feel totally and utterly awake, as if I was already infused with my morning caffeine intake.

I gave in to my body, drug myself out of bed, showered, and hauled my very physically tired, but mentally rip-roaring, ass into work. Once here there was no turning back so I brewed up a pot of coffee, proceeded to down glass after murky dark glass... and I suddenly felt fine.

Morning meetings came and went without me feeling tired. It was just the usual frustrations of work which, oddly, I didn't mind since I was so amazed I wasn't conking down on top of the speakerphone and snoring into the mic. Lunch also came and went without the utter lack of quality rest affecting me.

Then 1:30 pm rolled around. Without warning my body shed all of its artificial go-juices and set off my internal "Nap Right Now, Idiot" alarm. NRNI for short. Having to finish work and then hit the gym afterwards, I knew that I couldn't accurately respond to the needs of the code red NRNI alarm. So I did the next best thing--I slammed a Diet Coke hoping that the little bit of caffeine in it would rejuvenate me, if even just a little.

It didn't. And writing this isn't really doing anything special to keep me from leaning back in my chair and starting up a snorefest. I don't know what to do for another two-ish hours of work before I can get to the gym. Someone, anyone, help me. I need a freakin' nap.

[Update: No nap for me. I tried to lay down but the damn dog wouldn't shut the hell up. I'm about inches away from killing it.]

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