Thursday, March 09, 2006

Where Did Winter Go?

Ummm... I'm a tad bit confused. It was unbelievably nice out today with sun, warmth, and a lack of wind. Definitely a spring day if I've ever felt one. Yesterday it was rainy and gloomy, yet warm. Another spring day if I'm any judge of it. This is all so damn weird because I'm still waiting for winter to start.

I don't think there was ever more than 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground at any given time this entire winter. Also take into consideration that the first snow didn't really come until mid-December, if memory serves me right. So what happened to the frigid, frost-biting, nipple-condensing, arctic cold that I'm used to?

Growing up a Minnesotan you come to expect at least 3 months of horrible, snow covered roads, snow days, and all around frigidness that no one but a true blood northerner could ever imagine standing. This year didn't even come close to feeling like we had a winter, and with April fast approaching it looks like we missed out, or dodged a bullet, depending upon who you ask.

The thing is, though, I kind of missed having that cold winter. It's because of those days where it would be ludicrous to go outside that I could justify hours upon hours of video games and television watching. With spring on its way, I'll start to feel more and more guilty for "wasting" my time on those guilty pleasures. Sad.

Considering I like being outside, why does it feel so weird saying that I missed having winter this year?

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