Monday, April 17, 2006

Moving Blows

Friday is the day. I'll be moving all my crap from out of both my parents' place and the place I'm at now into my new place in St. Louis Park. I managed to get most of the crap I have at my parents' place together and ready to go, but I still have almost all of my junk here at my current place to pack up. I look at it every night and sigh knowing how much this week is going to suck for packing.

Trying to get myself really psyched up and motivated I ordered myself some pizza and wings tonight to "treat" myself for the work I was going to do. Turns out I should have waited until after I made myself pack because now that I've already eaten I don't care to do anything but sit in front of the tv and watch episodes of X-files.

One of the biggest pains in the ass for my packing is my collection of Spawn figures. Right now I have them all displayed on a shelf that runs along the wall of my bedroom. Now I have to wrap each one up individually, put them in a box, pray they don't break in transit, and then re-display them at my new place, assuming there is anywhere to put them. If not, then I'll have to keep them in storage until I can find some shelving to put them on.

Well, time I earned some of that pizza in my stomach. Wish me luck.

I hate packing.

I really do.

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